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Say Faux Pas In French

French Faux Pas to Avoid

Des Faux pas à Éviter en France

French Faux Pas – Don’t make French blunders!

Don’t make faux pas in France. Avoid being culturally insensitive with a French person. Learn French at FrenchHour.com

Here is a list of what the French do and don’t do.

5 DOs and DON’Ts – A French Etiquette

  1. Oui – Accept that kiss – or these kisses – a friend is about to give you to greet you ‘Bonjour’ with.
  2. Non – Don’t bring chrysanthemums to a dinner party – they’re the ultimate death flower.
  3. Oui – Try to avoid money and age topics in a casual conversation
  4. Oui – Drink water or wine with your meal. Don’t ask for a soda or a hot beverage.
  5. Oui – Learn how to say “Bonjour, Au revoir and Merci’. It will go a long way, I promise! And learn a bit of French with my Beginner’s course before you go to France. You’ll love it.



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un faux pas – French expression

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