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Near Future – Today’s French at FH

Near Future – Today’s French

Say Failure In French

Ce magasin va faire faillite. 

Near Future

Le futur proche

aller + infinitif – to be about + infinitive – What is the near future in French? How does the near future work in French? 

The expression ‘ALLER + infinitive verb’ expresses the notion of to be about to + infinitiveto be going to + infinitive. When ALLER is in the present tense, it’s called the near future because it’s closer in time and/or more likely to happen than ‘le futur simple’ the regular French future tense.

.say more in french


Exercice – Practice

Translate the sentences from one column to another. From French to English (la version) is easier, from English to French (la thèse) a bit more challenging.
Traduisez les phrases d’une colonne à une autre. Du français en anglais (la version) est plus facile, de l’anglais au français (la thèse) un peu plus difficile.



  1. Je vais réparer le carburateur.
  2. Tu vas découvrir la ville.
  3. Elle va avoir son diplôme.


  1. I’m going to repair the carburetor.
  2. You’re going to discover the town.
  3. She’s about to get her degree.
Continue- Continuez

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