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Du tac au tac – Phrases conjuguées 4

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Quiz - Du tac au tac – Phrases conjuguées 4

Choisissez la bonne réponse selon la traduction donnée. -- Pick the right answer according to the translation given.

    Today, as you may guess (you will have guessed it), it’s mainly used by tourists.
    They hadn't embarked on a cruise to discover the Paris Parisians know.
    Originally, the Canal Saint-Martin must have brought drinking water to Paris.
    We never used to cross paths with pleasure crafts there.
    It was therefore not understood that the Canal wasn't classified 'historical monument'. --- We therefore didn't understand that the Canal wasn't classified 'historical monument'.
    I wouldn't have liked it.
    The (pedestrian) footbridges, overlooking the water, look quaint.
    It would have been necessary not to know the monuments of Paris to appreciate it.
    The five locks would work like a staircase, then?
    Would we have come here for quiet?

Les conjugaisons ci-dessous sont tirées de la leçon suivante. The following conjugations are taken from the following lesson.

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