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il s’agit de – French expression

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il s’agit de – French expression
How To Says Prince In French

il s’agit de, or S’AGIR DE in its infinitive form, has many translations. Here are some common ones.

  1. to be, to be about
  2. to be necessary
  3. to come to

S’AGIR DE is a defective verb – It doesn’t have all the forms of a regular verb, it’s only conjugated with the neutral IL (no JE, TU, ELLE, ON, NOUS, VOUS, ILS, ELLES). Its structure is a bit different in French. It often involves a DANS.


About DE

DE becomes

DU when preceding a masculine noun – du café

DE LA when preceding a feminine noun – de la menthe

DE L’ when preceding a noun starting with a vowel – de l’eau

DES when preceding a plural noun – des thés

Translate from one language to the other


  1. Dans ce jeu, il s’agit de gagner le plus possible de petits lapins.
  2. De quoi s’agit-il ?
  3. Pour faire des progrès, il s’agit d’écouter le texte plusieurs fois.
  4. Il ne s’agissait pas de nous.
  5. Ce dont il s’agit, c’est de fierté.


  1. What is it about?
  2. If you want to make progress, it's necessary to / it comes to listening to the text several times.
  3. It wasn’t about us.
  4. Pride is what it’s about.
  5. This game is about winning as many small rabbits as possible.

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il s'agit de - French expression

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