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b-a-ba – French expression

b-a-ba - French expression

Au pied de la lettre I Photo FRENCHETC

Au pied de la lettre I Photo FRENCHETC

What does the French expression ‘ b-a-ba ‘ mean? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne’s Audio.

b-a-ba - that's the letters B and A of the French alphabet and BA are the same two letters pronounced together B+A is BA. They are the beginning of the French alphabet. The b-a ba means the basics, the rudiments of something.

  • « ça yest c'est décidé: j'vais apprendre le français avec FRENCH ETC. mais va falloir que je commence par le b-a-ba. »
  • "That's it, I made up my mind: I'm going to learn French with FRENCH ETC. but I'll have to start with the basics."

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