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être dans ses petits souliers – French expression

être dans ses petits souliers - French expression

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What does the French expression ' être dans ses petits souliers ' mean? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne Audio.

être dans ses petits souliers – to be in one’s little shoes. Un soulier is another way of saying ‘une chaussure’, a shoe. It’s kind of obsolete in every day French. However, at Christmas time, ‘un soulier’ is what you put in front of the fireplace, for Santa to put his presents in. ‘un soulier’ is a French stocking. But let’s go back to the expression ‘être dans ses petits souliers’. It means ‘to be ill at ease, to feel self-conscious, to feel uncomfortable.’ It might be because it’s uncomfortable to wear shoes that are too small.  être dans ses petits souliers is often used when you feel you’ve done something wrong.

  • « J’ai oublié d’aller le chercher à la gare ce matin. J’étais dans mes petits souliers quand je l’ai vu au déjeuner. »
    • “ I forgot to pick him up at the station this morning. I felt pretty uncomfortable when I saw him at lunch.”

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