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avoir une dent – French expression

avoir une dent - French expression


What does the French expression ‘ avoir une dent mean? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne’s audio.

avoir une dent contre quelqu’un – to have a tooth against somebody. avoir une dent contre quelqu’un means ‘to bare a grudge against somebody’.

  • « Elle ne te donnera pas ta promo car elle a toujours eu une dent contre toi. »
  • "She won’t give you a raise because she’s always bore a grudge against you."

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2 comments to avoir une dent – French expression

  • Chantelle

    Hi! I have a grammar question! I’m wondering why the “eu”? It means “them”, doesn’t it? Who is it referring to?

  • Bonjour Chantelle, EU is the past participle (past tense) for the verb AVOIR. “Elle a eu” means “She had” (she had a grudge literally in this instance).
    EU is pronounced U. See the verb AVOIR conjugated here or here as a premium member.
    I hope that helps, bonne journée française.



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