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Formidable – French Pop Song

Formidable – French Pop Song


Learn French with Anne and this pop song. It’s called " Formidable ". It’s sung by wonderful Stromae.

Stromae – Maestro en Verlan – s’est fait larguer par sa copine. Il est triste et bourré dans les rues de Bruxelles. La police, qui d’ailleurs est très fan du chanteur, l’accoste et lui demande s’il veut être raccompagné chez lui.

Stromae – Maestro in Verlan slang – has just been dumped by his girl friend. He’s sad and drunk in the streets of Brussels. The police, who by the way, are a big fan of the singer, approaches him and asks him if he wants to be taken home.

In the companion worksheet – 12 pages

  • whole song
  • translation
  • Verlan slang
  • swearing in French
  • place of pronouns
  • practice on all of the above

Song excerpt – challenge yourself – transcribe the lyrics


Formidable, ohohohoh


Tu étais formidable,

J’étais fort minable
Nous étions formidables

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