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Pique-nique en France – Advanced French

Pique-nique en France

Pique-nique en France – Advanced French – Learn French with Anne’s AUDIO

Qu'est-ce qu'un pique-nique en France ?

This unit is called “Pique-nique en France ”, which translates as “Picnic in France”. France and Henri are getting ready to go for a picnic before they hike with a group of friends. They are deciding who is going to bring what sort of food to the picnic.

Cette leçon s’appelle « Pique-nique en France ». France et Henri se préparent à un pique-nique avant d’aller en rando avec des amis. Ils sont en train de décider qui va amener quoi.

In the companion worksheet – 11 pages

  • text
  • translation
  • two quick and easy picnic recipes for a French potato salad to bring to your next picnic
  • the different meanings of the word ‘d’abord
  • compound nouns
  • the pronoun EN, such as in ‘Elle EN a une’
  • practice

Text excerpt – transcribe it and check your answers

Pique-nique en France

F. Bon, tu t’occupes des casse-croûte, et je prends l’entrée et le dessert, d’accord ?

H. Et le vin, qui

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2 comments to Pique-nique en France – Advanced French

  • Brendan Costelloe

    Hi Anne I’m having a little trouble finding the worksheet for Pique Nique en France. I’m in the page here…https://frenchetc.org/2016/09/10/pique-nique-en-france-advanced-french/ and there is a link ‘Get the worksheet here’ I click on it but am not taken to the worksheet but back to where I came from…kinda going in circles. Can you please help?

  • Brendan Costelloe

    Hi Anne
    I figured this out…in the full list of Advanced French Podcasts if you click on the ‘Audio’ link you get the worksheet and visa versa. All the others appear to be ok.

    Kind regards



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