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French verb practice – s’agir de

French verb practice – s'agir de


Dans ce conte, il s’agit d’un petit prince.
This tale is about a little prince.

S'AGIR DE – TO BE ABOUT – French verb practice – Exercice – How is this verb conjugated? What does it sound like? Listen to Anne.

S’AGIR DE is a defective verb

S’AGIR DE is a defective verb – it doesn’t have all the forms of a regular verb. Its structure is a bit different in French.

You may review the conjugation for this verb here or here as a Premium member.

It has many translations. Here are the most common ones

to be

to be about

to be in question

to be a question of

to have to make sure

to be necessary

must, to have to

concerning, to be a matter of

Note : DE becomes

DU when preceding a masculine noun

du café

DE LA when preceding a feminine noun

de la menthe

DE L’ when preceding a noun starting with a vowel

de l’eau

DES when preceding a plural noun

des thés

Translate the sentences

  1. It was a question of finishing decorating.
  2. I would understand if it had been about a little bit of money, but here, it's a huge amount of money.
  3. We'll have to make sure we don't put the cousin next to the brother-in-law.
  4. In this novel, a little prince goes from one asteroid to another one.
  5. Is it about the boy or about the girl in your story?


1. Il s'agissait de finir la déco à temps.

2. Je comprendrais s'il s'était agi d'un peu d'argent, mais là, c'est une somme énorme.

3. Il s'agira de ne pas mettre la cousine avec le beauf.

4. Dans ce roman, il s'agit d'un petit prince qui voyage d’astéroïde en astéroïde.

5. S'agit-il du garçon ou de la fille dans votre histoire ?

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