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French verb conjugated – s’agir de, to be about

 French verb conjugated – s'agir de, to be about


Dans ce conte, il s’agit d’un petit prince.
This tale is about a little prince.

S'AGIR DE – TO BE ABOUT – French verb conjugated – Verbe Conjugué – How is this verb conjugated? What does it sound like? Listen to Anne.

Indicatif - Indicative Mode  --- statements

présent --- present tense

il s’agit de --- it is about

il ne s’agit pas de --- it is not about

imparfait --- imperfect

il s’agissait de --- it was about

il ne s’agissait pas de --- it wasn’t about

passé composé --- preterit or present perfect

il s’est agi de --- it was about

il ne s’est pas agi de --- it wasn’t about

futur simple --- future tense

il s’agira de --- it will be about

il ne s’agira pas de --- it won’t be about


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