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Location de voiture – Advanced French

Location de voiture - Advanced French

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J'ai loué une vieille voiture.

Location de voiture - Advanced French. How do you rent a car in France? Get some tips, learn the vocabulary. Learn French with Anne’s AUDIO file and companion worksheet, all made by a native speaker.

France is leaving Paris to go to Saint-Malo. She rented a car, and of course, ran into some trouble, as usual. She tells us all about it with her everyday current expressions that you can learn too with the Premium companion worksheet.

In the companion worksheet – 11 pages

  • text
  • translation
  • article on driving and renting a car in France
  • pluperfect tense “J’avais loué – I had rented”
  • “meilleur/e and mieux – best and better”
  • practice

Text excerpt – challenge yourself a bit: transcribe it and check your answers

Location de voiture

J’ai passé une semaine d’enfer ! Je suis allée à Saint-Malo. J’avais loué une voiture en ligne avant. J’ai préféré rouler que de prendre le train...

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