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SENTIR – French verb conjugated

SENTIR - French verb conjugated


Rose and dew - Rose et rosée

How is SENTIR conjugated? What does it sound like?

Ça sent bon. It smells good.

SENT- is the root of the verb
-IR is the ending of the verb

Indicatif - Indicative Mode  statements
présent present tense
je sens I smell, I’m smelling
je ne sens pas I’m not smelling
je sens I smell
tu sens you smell
elle sent she smells
il sent he/it smells
on sent we smell
nous sentons we smell
vous sentez your smell
elles sentent they smell
ils sentent they smell
imparfait imperfect
je sentais I used to smell, I was smelling, I would smell
je ne sentais pas I wasn’t smelling
je sentais I used to smell
tu sentais you used to smell
elle sentait she used to smell
il sentait he/it used to smell
on sentait we used to smell
nous sentions we used to smell
vous sentiez you used to smell
elles sentaient they used to smell
ils sentaient they used to smell
passé composé preterit or present perfect
j’ai senti I smelled, I have smelled
je n’ai pas senti I didn’t smell
j’ai senti I smelled
tu as senti you smelled
elle a senti she smelled
il a senti he/it smelled
on a senti we smelled
nous avons senti we smelled
vous avez senti you smelled
elles ont senti they smelled
ils ont senti they smelled
futur simple future tense
je sentirai I will smell
je ne sentirai pas I won’t smell
je sentirai I will smell
tu sentiras you will smell
elle sentira she will smell
il sentira he/it will smell
on sentira we will smell
nous sentirons we will smell
vous sentirez you will smell
elles sentiront they will smell
ils sentiront they will smell


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