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Practice conjugating SENTIR, etc.

Practice conjugating SENTIR, etc.


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Practice conjugating SENTIR, SE SENTIR and RESSENTIR.

Pick a language and translate into the other one. French to English is easier than English to French.

SENTIR means ‘to smell’ and ‘to feel’. SE SENTIR and RESSENTIR also means ‘to feel’. SE SENTIR is used to express how you feel and is typically followed by an adjective or a noun. RESSENTIR is also used to express a feeling and is typically followed by noun.

Qu’est-ce que vous venez de sentir ? What did you (vous) just smell? What did you (vous) just feel?
Nous ressentons de la tendresse en regardant notre petite-fille grandir. We (nous) feel tenderness watching our granddaughter grow up.
Il s’est senti bien tout d’un coup. He felt good all of a sudden.

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