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French verb conjugated – LANCER, to throw

French verb conjugated – lancer, to throw


Il lança la balle très haut.
He threw the ball very high.

LANCER – TO THROW – French verb conjugated – Verbe Conjugué – How is this verb conjugated? What does it sound like?

Note 1 : LANCER is a –CER verb. Like all the other –CER verbs, C becomes Ç in front of an A, an O and a U.

Note 2 : LANCER may also mean TO LAUNCH.

LANC- is the root of the verb

-ER is the ending of the verb

Indicatif - Indicative Mode  --- statements

présent --- present tense

je lance --- I throw*

je ne lance pas --- I don’t throw

je lance --- I throw

tu lances --- you throw

elle lance --- she throws

il lance --- he/it throws

on lance --- we throw

nous lançons --- we throw

vous lancez --- you throw

elles lancent --- they throw

ils lancent --- they throw

*also I'm throwing…

imparfait --- imperfect

je lançais --- I used to throw*

je ne lançais pas --- I didn’t use to throw

je lançais --- I used to throw

tu lançais --- you used to throw

elle lançait --- she used to throw

il lançait --- he/it used to throw

on lançait --- we used to throw

nous lancions --- we used to throw

vous lanciez --- you used to throw

elles lançaient --- they used to throw

ils lançaient --- they used to throw

*also I was throwing, I would throw…

passé composé --- preterit or present perfect

j’ai lancé --- I threw*

je n’ai pas lancé --- I didn’t throw

j’ai lancé --- I threw

tu as lancé --- you threw

elle a lancé --- she threw

il a lancé --- he/it threw

on a lancé --- we threw

nous avons lancé --- we threw

vous avez lancé --- you threw

elles ont lancé --- they threw

ils ont lancé --- they threw

*also I have thrown….

futur simple --- future tense

je lancerai --- I will throw

je ne lancerai pas --- I won’t throw

je lancerai --- I will throw

tu lanceras --- you will throw

elle lancera --- she will throw

il lancera --- he/it will throw

on lancera --- we will throw

nous lancerons --- we will throw

vous lancerez --- you will throw

elles lanceront --- they will throw

ils lanceront --- they will throw

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