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Graduation terms – Mots Mêlés

Graduation terms - Mots Mêlés

frenchGraduation terms - Mots mêlés - Practice terms about graduation in French with Anne's worksheet and audio file.

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Mots Mêlés sur la remise des diplômes – Words Jumble on graduation ceremonies

Print out this page and circle the French words. Words may be arranged horizontally, vertically or in diagonal. The answers are at the bottom of the page. Don’t peek!


Indice 1 - Clue 1: Words to find – English translation

Translate these English words into French and circle them in the puzzle.

short for high-school degree / parade / degree / speech / student (college level) / band / congratulations / high-school / program / audience

Indice 2 - Clue 2: Word bank in French

These are the actual words to be found in the puzzle.

bac défilé diplôme discours étudiant fanfare félicitations lycée programme public

Solution – Answers


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