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un biffin – French expression

un biffin - French expression

frenchetc.org, learn french, french podcast, french, françaisWhat does the French expression ‘ un biffin ‘ mean? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne Audio.

Un biffin, une biffine. Les biffins – the feminine form is ‘biffine’ – are the descendants of our rag pickers and thrift dealers. Un biffin is someone who goes through trashcans to convert his finds into cash.

It’s a new word in the French language. Sadly, we’re hearing it more and more because so many French people – more and more single women – are struggling financially in these trying times of financial crisis. I translate it by dump(ster) diver. I welcome any other suggestions. Together, we could make a difference in the French language.

  • « Les biffins s’étaient installés sur le bitume. »
  • “ The dump divers were on the asphalt/sidewalks.”

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Use this expression at least 10 times today and make progress in French.


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