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une pâtisserie – French expression

une pâtisserie - French expression

What does the French expression " une pâtisserie " mean? What does it sound like? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne's Audio.

La pâtisserie is often mixed up with la boulangerie and la viennoiserie. The three all are so delicious. In the pâtisserie, you'll find creamy cakes and pies, you'll find croissants and brioches in the viennoiserie, and doughy cake in the boulangerie. By the way, do you know why there is an accent over the A in pâtisserie? The word pâtisserie used to be spelled pastiserie. It had an S, which you can still find in the English word "pasta". After the middle ages, a lot of French words got rid of the S and gained an accent. The English has kept the S. For instance, roast is rôti in French, school is école and student is étudiant. That's how the accents were born.

  • « Tu peux me rendre un service ? Tu peux aller à la pâtisserie et me prendre un Paris-Brest s'il te plaît ? »
  • "Can you do me a favor? Can you go to the baker's and get me a Paris-Brest?"

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