French pronunciation – The sounds UI OUI

French pronunciation UI OUI


Dis-lui oui.

Prononciation UI OUI - French pronunciation - The sounds UI OUI. Listen to the AUDIO by Anne, a French native.

Prononciation UI OUI – UI [ɥi] – OUI [wi]

Silly Rhymes

Lui ? Il a fui sans bruit dans la nuit.

He ? He fled without any noise in the darkness of the night.

Louis a dit ‘Oui’ pour le méchoui. J’en suis réjouie.

Lewis said ‘Yes’ for the barbecued lamb. I’m overjoyed (about it).

Collection de mots

Don’t worry about the meaning of these words. Sometimes, knowing actually takes you away from focusing on the pronunciation. If you just repeat what you’re hearing, you’ll quickly make progress, I’m sure.

  1. aujourd’hui
  2. béni-oui-oui
  3. boui-boui
  4. bruit
  5. buis
  6. cambouis
  7. celui

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