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Song terms in French – Practice

Song terms in French - Practice


Practice song terms in French with Anne’s audio.

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Imprimez cette page, cachez une des colonnes et traduisez dans l’autre langue. La version est plus facile que le thème.

Print out this page, hide one column and translate in the other language. French to English is easier than English to French.

Word bank: robe de soirée, smoking, tapis rouge, variétés

Hier soir, nous étions invités à la première d’un spectacle de 1.___________________. Nous nous étions mis sur notre 31, moi en 2.___________________ , Patrick en 3.___________________ . On nous a déroulé le 4.___________________ , avec apéro dînatoire.

Réponses – Answers

Hier soir, nous étions invités à la première d’un spectacle de 1.variétés. Nous nous étions mis sur notre 31, moi en 2.robe de soirée, Patrick en 3.smoking. On nous a déroulé le 4.tapis rouge, avec apéro dînatoire.


Last night, we were invited to the ‘premiere’ of a pop show. We had put on our Sunday best, I was wearing an evening gown and Patrick his tuxedo. They unraveled the red carpet for us, with an appetizer party.

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  • Kelly Hollingsworth

    Bonjour Anne, My husband (australian) and me (american) live in Paris. He works all day in english and I have a 5 month old and a 2 year old so we’re both pretty busy and find it hard to progress in our french. It might seem odd that we are contacting you when we are in france, but I like the idea of doing skype lessons with you. With the time difference, we could do them during your morning and our evening. Also, we plan to move to San Fran next year so it would be good to continue on with you there! I’d like to invest in ourselves to get us where we need to be. I’d love to discuss our goals and set up a program with you if you are interested.



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