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Command forms and pronouns

Command forms and pronouns


Merci Christine, d’Australie – Thanks Christine from Australia

Command forms and pronouns. Exercice avec l'impératif et les pronoms. Practice with Anne.

Command forms and pronouns

Affirmative Command Forms with Pronouns

The pronoun, preceded by a dash, goes after the verb.


Talk to him/her.


Take some.

Negative Command Forms with Pronouns

The pronoun goes after the Ne (N’) and before the verb.

Ne lui parle pas.

Don’t talk to him/her.

N’en prends pas.

Don’t ake any.


Exercice sur les impératifs avec pronoms. Imprimez cette fiche, cachez une des colonnes et traduisez dans l’autre langue. La version est plus facile que le thème.

Practice on command forms with pronouns. Print out this worksheet, hide one column and translate in the other language. French to English is easier than English to French.

Allez-y. Go. Go ahead. Start.
Chante-la. Sing it.
Commandez-en. Order some.
Dis-lui. Tell him/her.

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