Present tense – Verbs like METTRE – Formation

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Ils mettent leurs chapeaux.

Verbs like METTRE – Present tense

How do verbs like METTRE work in French? How are they conjugated?

Verbes comme METTRE – Présent

Verbs ending in –TTRE work just like most –RE verbs except that the double TT becomes a single T in the singular forms.

  • je/j’ (I) –ts
  • tu (you sing.) –ts
  • elle (she) –t
  • il (he) –t
  • on (we inf.) –t
  • nous (we form.) –ttons
  • vous (you pl.) –ttez
  • ils (they m.) –ttent
  • elles (they f.) –ttent

In context

  1. Ils mettent leurs chapeaux. .... They’re putting their hats on.
  2. J’admets. .... I admit
  3. On bat les œufs. .... We’re beating the eggs.
  4. Ils transmettent les nouvelles. .... They’re conveying the news.

8 verbs in this category for you to start with

  1. admettre .... to admit
  2. combattre .... to fight
  3. mettre  .... to put/on
  4. permettre  .... to allow
  5. remettre  .... to put again/back
  6. se mettre à  .... to start, to begin
  7. se/battre  .... to beat, to fight
  8. soumettre  .... to submit

Other rules for the present tense in French

Full French conjugations

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