Present tense – French Verbs in –TIR, -MIR & -VIR – Formation

Present tense -- Verbs in –TIR, -MIR & -VIR

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Il part demain à Bordeaux.

How do verbs in –TIR, -MIR & -VIR  work in the present tense in French?

Verbs in –TIR, -MIR & -VIR have the following endings added to the first part of the verb.

  • je/j’ (I) –rs
  • tu (you sing.) –rs
  • elle (she) –rt
  • il (he) –rt
  • on (we inf.) –rt
  • nous (we form.) –tons/mons/vons
  • vous (you pl.) tez/mez/vez
  • ils (they m.) tent/ment/vent
  • elles (they f.) tent/ment/vent

In context

  1. Il part demain à Bordeaux. .... He leaves for Bordeaux tomorrow.
  2. On dort toujours bien ici. .... We always sleep well here.
  3. Tu sers à manger quand ?  .... When are you serving dinner/lunch?
  4. Elles sortent tout à l’heure. .... They are going out soon.

10 verbs in this category for you to start with

  1. dormir .... to sleep
  2. mentir  .... to lie
  3. partir  .... to leave
  4. ressentir .... to feel emotionally
  5. ressortir .... to go out again
  6. s’endormir .... to fall asleep
  7. se servir de .... to use
  8. sentir .... to smell, to feel
  9. servir  .... to serve
  10. sortir .... to go out, to exit
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