À vs. DE – French prepositions

À vs. DE, French prepositions

A vs. DE - French prepositions

When should you use A vs. DE? How do these two French prepositions work?

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The two prepositions À and DE are always tricky to use. Let's see how to use A vs. DE.

I believe you are safe to think that

À is AT, TO


DE is FROM and OF

  • Je vais à Paris. ≠ Je viens de Paris.

I go/am going to Paris.I come/am coming from Paris.

  • Il est à l’école. ≠ Il est membre de FE.

He’s at school.He’s a member of FE.

  • Nous irons de Paris à Nice.

We’ll go from Paris to Nice.

However, there are subtleties. For instance, do you say "Le livre est difficile à/de lire."?

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