French reflexive verbs – practice – Les verbes pronominaux – exercice

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Les verbes pronominaux – French reflexive verbs

Practice verbs: neutral, reflexive, reciprocal or passive? I know that in English, we talk about reflexive verbs all over the place. Reflexive verbs here, reflexive verbs there. Well, there are many forms of verbs in French, and it’s important to know them. You can review them here or here as a Premium member.

You will hear a sentence in French. Your task is to decide if the verb in that sentence one of these four form of the verb:

neutre, réfléchi, réciproque ou passif

neutral, reflexive, reciprocal or passive

1. passif - passive

Les pains au chocolat se vendent bien dans cette boulangerie.

Chocolate croissants go (sell) very well in this bakery.

2. _________________

Vous vous parlez toujours comme ça ?

Do you always talk to yourself like this?

3. _________________

Elles l’ont entendu avant-hier soir.

They heard it/him the night before last.

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