Practice demonstrative adjectives and pronouns

Practice demonstrative adjectives and pronouns

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Ce train-là est plus lent que le TGV.

Practice French demonstrative adjectives and pronouns with Anne's worksheet and AUDIO file.

Practice demonstrative adjectives and pronouns 

Today, we’re going over ce, cet, celle-là and so on. These words are demonstrative adjectives and pronouns. You can review them in the ‘Related links’ below.

You’ll hear five sentences in French and five in English. Your task today is to translate it quickly into the other language.

1 Cette robe(-là) est plus belle que celle-ci.
2 Ce film n’est pas long.
3 Cet élève vient d’arriver.  
4 C’est de cet aigle dont il parlait.
5 Préférez-vous celui-ci ou celui-là ?
6 This is not the truth.
7 These are the ones she bought.
8 The left one is bluer.
9 What are the ones she ate?
10 Do you want this bolt or this screw?

 Get the answers here

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