Conjugation of AVOIR and VOULOIR

Conjugation of AVOIR and VOULOIR

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Je veux que la table soit très belle.

Conjugation of AVOIR and VOULOIR - How are AVOIR and VOULOIR conjugated? Verb drill - Listen to Anne;s AUDIO below, with a French accent.

Conjugation of AVOIR et VOULOIR

Today’s task is a fast-paced one. You’ll hear 40 forms of two verbs : AVOIR and VOULOIR. Your task today is to translate it quickly into the other language. For instance: if you hear

  • ‘vous avez’, you must say ‘you have’
  • ‘they (elles) don’t want’, you must say ‘elles ne veulent pas’

The goal of this exercise is to get you to respond quickly, so you don’t think about the answer. When you get them all right, you’re on your way to the next verbs. You can review the verb AVOIR here or here as a Premium member and the verb VOULOIR here.

Prompt Réponse……………
vous avez
elles ne veulent pas
il ne veut pas
elles ont
he wants
they (ils) don’t have
you (vous) don’t have
he has
to want
je veux
tu ne veux pas
tu veux
ils ne veulent pas
nous voulons
we (on) want
we (on) have
you (tu) have
they (ils) want
we (nous) don’t have
on ne veut pas
elle veut
on n’a pas
nous ne voulons pas
ne pas avoir
she doesn’t want
they (elles) want
they (ils) have
you (tu) don’t have
I have
je n’ai pas
elle n’a pas
elles n’ont pas
il n’a pas
ne pas vouloir
she has
I don’t want
you (vous) want
we (nous) have
you (vous) don’t want

The answers are in the premium worksheet

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