pleuvoir, to rain – French verb conjugated

 pleuvoir, to rain - French verb conjugated

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Il pleut comme vache qui pisse.

How is PLEUVOIR conjugated? What does it sound like? AUDIO below, by Anne, a native speaker.

PLEUVOIR is one of these French verbe impersonnel – impersonal verb. It is conjugated only at its third person singular: il – the neutral ‘it’.

Indicatif - Indicative Mode ..... statements

présent .... present tense

il pleut .... it is raining, it rains

il ne pleut pas .... it is not raining, it doesn’t rain

imparfait .... imperfect

il pleuvait .... it was raining, it used to rain, it would rain

il ne pleuvait pas .... it was not raining

passé composé .... preterite or present perfect

il a plu .... it rained

il n’a pas plu .... it didn’t rain

futur simple .... future tense

il pleuvra .... it will rain

il ne pleuvra pas .... it won’t rain

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