La pauvreté – Poverty terms

La pauvreté - Poverty terms

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La pauvreté - Poverty terms - What are the terms used to describe poverty in French? How are they pronounced? Listen to Anne's list.

20 termes sur la pauvreté – 20 terms about poverty

poverty f pauvreté
bankruptcy f faillite
beggar m/f mendiant/e
dearth f disette
debt f dette
destitution f destitution
difficulty f difficulté
hardship f épreuve
indigence f indigence
insufficiency f insuffisance
marginalization f marginalisation
necessity f nécessité
pennilessness ø être sans ressources
penury f pénurie
poor person m/f pauvre
privation f privation
shortage m manque
social exclusion f exclusion sociale
starvation f famine
sustainable economic and social development m développement économique et social durable

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