Practice AVOIR and ÊTRE

Practice AVOIR and ÊTRE

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Elles étaient coincées dans un bouchon infernal.

Practice ÊTRE and AVOIR.

ÊTRE and AVOIR are probably the two most common verbs used in French. Learn how to spell and find out the translation of the 10 following verbs. Review ÊTRE  and AVOIR here.

I won’t be 1 A vous avez eu
you (tu) had 2 B tu as eu
she is not 3 C on a
he is 4 D nous aurons
it was 5 E je ne serai pas
we (on) have 6 F ils n’ont pas eu
we (nous) will have 7 G il est
you (vous) had, have had 8 H elles étaient
they (ils) didn’t have, haven’t had 9 I elle n’est pas
they (elles) were 10 J. cela était
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Réponses – Answers with AUDIO in the Premium are here

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