10 expressions about death – French game

10 expressions about death - French game

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10 expressions about death - What are French expressions about DEATH? What do French expressions about DEATH mean? Listen to Anne's  AUDIO.

10 expressions about death  - 10 expressions autour de la mort

Print out this page and in the boxes below, match the number for the first column with the letter for the fourth column.

death 1 A à la vie, à la mort
forever 2 B avoir un pied dans la tombe
terrified 3 C casser sa pipe
to be close to death 4 D être au seuil/ à l’article de la mort
to be close to dying 5 E faire le mort
to die 6 F faire son deuil de quelque chose
to disappear, to not contact 7 G la grande faucheuse
to fall dead abruptly 8 H passer l’arme à gauche
to kick the bucket 9 I plus mort que vif
to kiss something goodbye 10 J tomber raide mort


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Solution – Answers here

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