savoir, to know, to know how

SAVOIR – French Verb Conjugated


Maintenant je sais.

Une chose est sûre, je sais que je ne saurai jamais tout.

That’s for sure, I know I’ll never know everything.

SAVOIR – Verbe Conjugué – French verb conjugated – How is this verb conjugated? What does it sound like?

Indicatif - Indicative Mode statements
présent present tense
je sais I know*
je ne sais pas I don’t know
je sais I know
tu sais you know
elle sait she knows
il sait he/it knows
on sait we know
nous savons we know
vous savez you know
elles savent they know
ils savent they know
*also I’m knowing…
imparfait imperfect
je savais I used to know*
je ne savais pas I didn’t use to know
je savais I used to know
tu savais you used to know
elle savait she used to know
il savait he/it used to know
on savait we used to know
nous savions we used to know
vous saviez you used to know
elles savaient they used to know
ils savaient they used to know
•also I would know…
passé composé preterit or present perfect
j’ai su I knew*
je n’ai pas su I didn’t know
j’ai su I knew
tu as su you knew
elle a su she knew
il a su he/it knew
on a su we knew
nous avons su we knew
vous avez su you knew
elles ont su they knew
ils ont su they knew
*also I have known…
futur simple future tense
je saurai I will know
je ne saurai pas I won’t know
je saurai I will know
tu sauras you will know
elle saura she will know
il saura he/it will know
on saura we will know
nous saurons we will know
vous saurez you will know
elles sauront they will know
ils sauront they will know

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Note: to know has two translations in French. Savoir is to know how and connaître is to be familiar with.

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Je sais que je ne saurai jamais. Poème par Jean Gabin.


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