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La petite madeleine de Proust

  Les madeleines d’Anne et de Proust

There is this expression in French: “C’est ma madeleine de Proust’. It means that what you are doing, experiencing reminds you of a sweet moment you had earlier on.

       This worksheet combines three of my greatest pleasures in life: reading, cooking and eating. The actual text is on page 60 of the edition cited below, and the recipe, although long to read, takes only 10 minutes to make. Madeleines are perfect in lieu of a coffee cake and the special madeleine mold makes it a fun dessert. I make them all the time.

AUDIO below, with a French accent.

des madeleines

À la recherche du temps perdu - Marcel Proust

La madeleine de Proust

Il y avait déjà bien des années que, de Combray, .... continue here. I get into a lot more detail on this topic in the Premium worksheet. Get it here.


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