entendre – to hear – French verb conjugated

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Je n’entends pas. Vous pouvez répéter, s’il vous plaît ?

I can’t hear. Can you repeat, please?

entend- is the root of the verb

-re is the ending of the verb

Indicatif - Indicative Mode  .... statements

présent .... present tense

j’entends .... I hear*

je n’entends pas .... I don’t hear, I can’t hear

j’entends .... I hear

tu entends .... you hear

elle entend .... she hears

il entend .... he/it hears

on entend .... we hear

nous entendons .... we hear

vous entendez .... you hear

elles entendent .... they hear

ils entendent .... they hear

*also I’m hearing

imparfait .... imperfect

j’entendais .... I used to hear*

je n’entendais pas .... I didn’t use to hear

j’entendais .... I used to hear

tu entendais .... you used to hear

elle entendait .... she used to hear

il entendait .... he/it used to hear

on entendait .... we used to hear

nous entendions .... we used to hear

vous entendiez .... you used to hear

elles entendaient .... they used to hear

ils entendaient .... they used to hear

•also I was hearing, I would hear

passé composé .... preterite, present perfect

j’ai entendu .... I heard*

je n’ai pas entendu .... I didn’t hear

j’ai entendu .... I heard

tu as entendu .... you heard

elle a entendu .... she heard

il a entendu .... he/it heard

on a entendu .... we heard

nous avons entendu .... we heard

vous avez entendu .... you heard

elles ont entendu .... they heard

ils ont entendu .... they heard

*also I have heard

futur simple .... future tense

j’entendrai .... I will hear

je n’entendrai pas .... I won’t hear

j’entendrai .... I will hear

tu entendras .... you will hear

elle entendra .... she will hear

il entendra .... he/it will hear

on entendra .... we will hear

nous entendrons .... we will hear

vous entendrez .... you will hear

elles entendront .... they will hear

ils entendront .... they will hear

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