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heureux comme un roi, happy as a clam

heureux comme un roi - French expression


r les raisins de Bourgogne

What does the French expression " heureux comme un roi " mean? What does it sound like? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne Audio.

heureux comme un roi. heureux means happy and, un roi is a king. heureux comme un roi means 'as happy as a clam, couldn't be happier'. Two similar expressions come to my mind: heureux comme un pape - as happy as a pope - and heureux comme un loir - as happy as a dormouse (a squirrelly-looking mouse). Why is it a clam in English? I'm not not sure. I've also heard 'happy as Larry'. This expression, weirdly enough, is not used in its feminine form. I never hear 'heureuse comme une reine'.

  • « T'as eu des nouvelles d'Henri en France ? Il est heureux comme un roi en Bourgogne. »
  • "Have you heard from Henri in France? He's as happy as a clam (He couldn't be happier) in Burgundy. "

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2 comments to heureux comme un roi, happy as a clam

  • StarlaTohline

    Clams, I suppose, are happy because they contain a beautiful pearl within. 🙂 And I guess the “reines” were not very happy because they were always under the threat of being beheaded or locked away in a dungeon.

  • OK

    “As happy as Larry” = Europe English (Eng & Irl).
    “As happy as a clam” = US English (strictly confined to the US. Nvr heard this expression before)



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