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Registers in French

Eight registers in French - Les huit registres en français

A register in a language is a degree of formality with which a word or an expression is used. I cut French into 8 registers.

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Practice Registers

In the boxes below, match the number for the first column with the letter for the fourth column.


Ça m’est égal. 1 A archaic
Cela m’est égal. 2 B very formal
J’m’en balance. 3 C formal
j’m’en fiche. 4 D standard
J’m’en fous. 5 E colloquial
Je m’en fiche. 6 F familiar
Peu m’importe. 7 G slangy
Peu me chaut. 8 H vulgar


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


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