terre amoureuse means sticky soil


This expression is special for garden lovers. Not only people can be in love in French. You can say that 'la terre est amoureuse' - the soil is in love - when it's hard to dig, when the soil is sticky.

  • « Je [ne] vais pas jardiner aujour'dhui. Il a trop plu et la terre est amoureuse. »
    "I'm not going to garden today. It rained too much and the soil is sticky. "

présent : la terre est amoureuse

imparfait : la terre était amoureuse

futur : la terre sera amoureuse

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That was Anne's native take on a French expression. There are many other expressions and more that you won't find in your textbook. Visit frenchetc.org. Bonne journée française !

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