Verbs for ‘to become’ or ‘to make’ something else

Verbs for ‘to become’ or ‘to make’ something else

Tu me fais rougir.

You can express the idea of ‘becoming’ or ‘making’ something else by adding –IR or -ER to an adjective.

Ça ne nous rajeunit pas. That takes us back.
Ce vin s’abonnit d’année en année. This wine is becoming better every year.
Il faut que tu ramollisses le beurre. You need to soften the butter.
Il pâlit tout d’un coup. He turned white all of a sudden.
Je rougis facilement. I blush easily.
La pâte à modeler a durci. The play dough has become hard.
La tarte tiédissait sur la fenêtre. The pie was cooling down on the windowsill.
Le problème ne fut jamais éclairci. The problem was never cleared.
Les rideaux égayaient la pièce. The curtains were making the room more cheerful.
Nous vieillirons ensemble. We’ll grow old together.

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