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Reflexive Pronouns

Reflexive pronouns work the following way with reflexive verbs, verbs using se:

se regarder .... to look at one another

se promener .... to take a walk

Note: se becomes s' when the following verb starts with a vowel:

s'amuser .... to have fun

personalpronoun reflexivepronoun verb
je me/m’ verb
tu te/t’ verb
elle se/s’ verb
il se/s’ verb
on se/s’ verb
nous nous verb
vous vous verb
ils se/s’ verb
elles se/s’ verb

In context

  • Elle s'appelle Marie - Her name is Marie (She names herself Marie)
  • Il s'amuse - He's having fun (He keeps himself amused)

I get into more detail in the premium material.

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