50 French verbs – list 3

50 French verbs


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[qqch. = quelque chose – sth. = something – so. = someone – qq1 = quelqu’un]


to abandon -- abandonner

to accelerate -- accélérer

to ask for directions -- demander son chemin

to attach -- attacher

to be about, in question -- s'agir de

to be ashamed of -- avoir honte de

to be quiet, to not say anything -- se taire

to behave -- bien se tenir

to chat -- bavarder

to cough -- tousser

to cry -- pleurer

to date, to give a date -- dater

to edit -- corriger

to feel like, to want -- avoir envie de

to feel, to smell -- sentir

to fit -- aller dans, être à la taille

to fly -- voler

to get, to obtain -- obtenir

to go away -- s'en aller

to go back -- retourner

to have fun -- s'amuser

to have sth. done (to have + sth. + past participle) -- faire + verbe infinitif

to hear say  -- entendre dire

to hesitate -- hésiter

to keep -- garder

to kick -- donner un coup de pied

to knock -- frapper à la porte

to laugh -- rire

to leave from -- partir de

to move forward -- avancer

to pour -- verser

to raise a child, an animal, to raise an object -- élever

to reflect, to ponder, to think about -- réfléchir à

to reserve -- réserver

to save money -- économiser

to save money, to be careful with money -- faire des économies

to save, to back up -- sauvegarder

to smile -- sourire

to spend -- dépenser

to start, to switch on -- démarrer, commencer

to swallow -- avaler

to take a stroll, a walk -- se promener

to take advantage/to enjoy -- profiter de

to take care of a child/an animal -- garder un enfant/un animal

to take place -- avoir lieu

to think about, have an opinion about -- penser de

to trust -- faire confiance à

to turn -- tourner

to watch for, to be careful with -- faire attention à

to wipe -- essuyer


The verbs are shown in their infinitive form. Depending what tense you want to use (present, past, future and so on), you then need to conjugate them. See and listen to the verbs conjugated on the Web site.


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