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Today, Fabienne is asking for directions. She’s trying to find the restaurant to meet with her walking tour of Paris group, but she is - pommée - lost.
She uses a lot of colloquial expressions in French that you can use later.
The translation and everything else is in the worksheet you can get on the Web site, as usual when you are a member. Including in the worksheet are the ten major Paris historical stops, a list of words to ask for directions in case you get lost and a grammar explanation on ordinal numbers - how to say the first, the second, and so on.

translation and text

ø -- être pommé/e

ø -- partir de

ø -- crécher [fam] = habiter

m/f -- pote [fam]

ø -- tout droit

ø -- tourner

ø -- gauche

ø -- chercher

f -- église

f -- rue

ø -- derrière

ø -- se tromper

f -- visite guidée pédestre

ø -- pas piqué/e des hannetons [fam]

ø -- décoller [fam] = commencer

ø -- en l’an 500

ø -- en tous cas

ø -- en face de

ø -- demander son chemin

ø -- jusqu’à

m -- feu

ø -- au coin de

ø -- au bout de

ø -- près de

m/f -- neuneu [fam]



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