my my my – possessive adjectives

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mon ma mes = my my my

Rules are different in English and in French.

Look at these 3 examples:

mon lit --> my bed            ma chambre --> my room             mes clés --> my keys

MY is translated in 3 different ways in French : MON, MA, MES. That is because it agrees with the noun that it modifies, the noun that follows.

  • If the noun is masculine, the adjective is masculine: lit is masculine, so we pick from the masculine column: mon
  • If the noun is feminine, the adjective is feminine: chambre is feminine, so we pick from the feminine column: ma
  • If the noun is plural, the adjective is plural: clés is plural, so we pick from the plural column: mes


masculine feminine f. before a vowel plural
my mon ma mon mes
your (fam.) ton ta ton tes
his, her, its son sa son ses
our notre notre notre nos
your (pl.) votre votre votre vos
their leur leur leur leurs


  • my father -> mon père ........... our book -> notre livre
  • my mother -> ma mère ........... our books -> nos livres
  • her brother -> son frère .......... his girl-firend -> son amie
  • his sister -> sa sœur ................ their boy-friends -> leurs amis

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