foutre present tense

Foutre - to f*ck do

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FOUTRE is very slangish, I would even say it can be really offensive, yet, it’s very commonly used in French. Watch this 1956 song by Edith Piaf where she uses foutre. So, you really hear it quite often in everyday French. When it’s used as below, it is not too offensive, it just means the speaker is irritated. See all the uses of FOUTRE.

  • je fous --  I f* do
  • tu  fous --  you f* do
  • elle fout --  she f* does
  • il/ça fout --  he/it f* does
  • on fout --  we f* do
  • nous foutons --  we f* do
  • vous foutez --  you f* do
  • ils foutent --  they f* do
  • elles foutent --  they f* do

in context

What are you f*cking doing?

--  Qu’est-ce que tu fous/vous foutez ?

We don’t f*cking do anything here.

--  Nous ne foutons rien ici.

--  On [ne] fout rien ici.

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1 comment to foutre present tense

  • Leslie

    You give us a great understanding sense of the use of this verb. My feeling is that if you are not a native French speaker, you do well to avoid using it yourself. It’s good to know what people mean by it, but I think people would snicker if you used it yourself.



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