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La télé ou le canard ? – Advanced French

La télé ou le canard ? - Advanced French

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La télé ou le canard ? – Advanced French – Learn French with Anne’s AUDIO

France est grognon aujourd’hui, dans cet épisode qui s’appelle « La télé ou le canard ?». Elle en a marre de la télé et veut se mettre à lire le journal.

France is grouchy today, in this piece called ‘La télé ou le canard ?’. She’s fed up with TV and wants to get into reading the paper.

In the companion worksheet – 9 pages

  • text
  • translation
  • radio and TV terms
  • LEQUEL pronouns…
  • practice on all of the above

Text excerpt – transcribe the whole text and check your answers

La télé ou le canard ?

Viens pas (Ne viens pas) me chercher, j’suis grognon. T’as regardé la téloche hier ? C’était vraiment nul. J’en ai un peu ras le bol des émissions de télé-réalité, des reportages déprimants …


Continue in the companion worksheet here


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Try using some of this today

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Mot du jour Podcast

avoir du bol – to be lucky

avoir du bol - to be lucky

avoir du bol

les trois bols du petit déjeuner de mes enfants

What does the French expression ‘ avoir du bol ’ mean? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne’s audio

avoir du bol - to have some bowl. avoir du bol means to be lucky in familiar French.

  • « Ils ont gagné un séjour à l'hôtel. Ils ont du bol. »
  • "They won a stay in a hotel. They're lucky."

Tenses and Modes in French

présent : j'ai du bol , nous avons du bol

passé composé : j'ai eu du bol, nous avons eu du bol

futur : j'aurai du bol, nous aurons du bol

Related: AVOIR conjugated .

Try using this word at least twice today.


Today's French

Practice DEVENIR, to become

Practice DEVENIR, to become

french, learn french, french podcast

Elle était devenue aigrie.

Practice DEVENIR - How is DEVENIR conjugated? How does it work?

Review DEVENIR here or here as a premium member.

However, DEVENIR also works like VENIR does. Review VENIR here and review verbs and tenses: listen to the AUDIOs – with a French accent and translate these 10 conjugations into French.

  1. I easily become red-faced when I run a lot.
  2. Are you (tu) becoming deaf?
  3. She had become bitter.
  4. He won’t become an engineer.
  5. It just became green.
  6. We (on) aren’t going to become champs right away.
  7. We’ll (nous) become angels.
  8. Are you (vous) becoming a salesperson or a technician?
  9. They would (elles) become powerful.
  10. I don’t think they’re (ils) becoming adult quickly.


Réponses – Answers with AUDIO in the premium area


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French Verbs

French verb conjugated – Devenir – To Become

French verb conjugated –DEVENIR


Cette maison deviendra inhabitée dans un mois.

How is DEVENIR conjugated? What does it sound like? AUDIO below, by Anne, a native speaker.

deven- is the root of the verb

-ir is the ending of the verb

Indicatif - Indicative Mode -- statements

présent -- present tense

je deviens -- I become*

je ne deviens pas -- I don’t become

je deviens -- I become

tu deviens -- you become

elle devient -- she becomes

il devient -- he/it becomes

on devient -- we become

nous devenons -- we become

vous devenez -- your become

elles deviennent -- they become

ils deviennent -- they become

*also I’m becoming…

imparfait -- imperfect

je devenais -- I used to become•

je ne devenais pas -- I didn’t use to become

je devenais -- I used to become

tu devenais -- you used to become

elle devenait -- she used to become

il devenait -- he/it used to become

on devenait -- we used to become

nous devenions -- we used to become

vous deveniez -- you used to become

elles devenaient -- they used to become

ils devenaient -- they used to become

•also I was becoming, I would become…

passé composé -- preterite or present perfect

je suis devenu/e -- I became

je ne suis pas devenu/e -- I didn’t become

je suis devenu/e -- I became

tu es devenu/e -- you became

elle est devenue -- she became

il est devenu -- he/it became

on est devenu/s/es -- we became

nous sommes devenus/es -- we became

vous êtes devenus/es -- you became

elles sont devenues -- they became

ils sont devenus -- they became

•also I have become…

futur simple -- future tense

je deviendrai -- I will become

je ne deviendrai pas -- I won’t become

je deviendrai -- I will become

tu deviendras -- you will become

elle deviendra -- she will become

il deviendra -- he/it will become

on deviendra -- we will become

nous deviendrons -- we will become

vous deviendrez -- you will become

elles deviendront -- they will become

ils deviendront -- they will become

Continue with DEVENIR


Practice here


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French Vocabulary

French Music Terms

French Music Expressions

FrenchWhat are music expressions in French? How are expressions related to music pronounced in French ?

Il y a de nombreuses expressions qui ont à voir avec la musique en français. En voici les principales.

There are many phrases and expressions that have to do with music in French. Here are the main ones.

10 expressions de musique

  1. accordéon --- en accordéon --- crumpled, wrinkled, fan-folded
  2. chanter --- chanter comme une casserole --- to not be able to carry a tune
  3. cordes --- être dans les cordes de quelqu'un --- to be in one’s line of work, to be right up one’s street, to be in one’s alley
  4. diapason --- mettre au diapason --- to bring up to speed
  5. disque --- changer de disque --- to change opinion
  6. flûte --- Flûte ! --- Darn!
  7. musique --- connaitre la musique --- to know the ropes
  8. papier à musique --- être réglé comme du papier à musique --- to be like clockwork, to be a given
  9. pipeau --- être du pipeau --- to be hogwash, rubbish
  10. sourdine --- en sourdine --- to mute, to play it down

Continue here

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Try using these expressions today.

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Fête de la musique – French dictation

Fête de la musique – French dictation

fetedelamusiqueeiffelFête de la musique – World Music Day – Learn French with Anne's dictation


Fête de la musique – Dictée

France appelle son...


Continue here with text and translation

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