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avoir une belle plume – French expression

avoir une belle plume - French expression


Librairie à Paris

What does the French expression ‘ avoir une belle plume ‘ mean? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne Audio.

avoir une belle plume - to have a beautiful feather - means to write well. I'm sure the metaphor comes from the ancient times when we used a feather as a pen.

  • « Tu sais que Delerm sort un nouveau bouquin ? Il a une très belle plume. »
    "Do you know that Delerm has a new book out? He writes so well."


Tenses and modes

présent : j'ai une belle plume, nous avons une belle plume

passé simple : j'eus une belle plume, nous eûmes une belle plume

present subjunctive: que j'aie une belle plume, que nous ayons une belle plume


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French Verbs

lire – to read – French verb conjugated

lire - to read - French verb conjugated

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Je serai contente lorsque j’aurai lu toute son œuvre.

How is this French verb conjugated – LIRE – TO READ? What does it sound like? AUDIO below, by Anne, a native speaker

LI- is the root of the verb

-RE is the ending of the verb

Indicatif - Indicative Mode .... statements

présent .... present tense

je lis .... I read*

je ne lis pas .... I’m not reading

je lis .... I read

tu lis .... you read

elle lit .... she reads

il lit .... he/it reads

on lit .... we read

nous lisons .... we read

vous lisez .... you read

elles lisent .... they read

ils lisent .... they read

*also I'm reading…

imparfait .... imperfect

je lisais .... I used to read*

je ne lisais pas .... I didn’t use to read

je lisais .... I used to read

tu lisais .... you used to read

elle lisait .... she used to read

il lisait .... he/it used to read

on lisait .... we used to read

nous lisions .... we used to read

vous lisiez .... you used to read

elles lisaient .... they used to read

ils lisaient .... they used to read

*also I was reading , I would read…

passé composé .... preterit or present perfect

j’ai lu .... I read*

je n’ai pas lu .... I didn’t read

j’ai lu .... I read

tu as lu .... you read

elle a lu .... she read

il a lu .... he/it read

on a lu .... we read

nous avons lu .... we read

vous avez lu .... you read

elles ont lu .... they read

ils ont lu .... they read

*also I have read….

futur simple .... future tense

je lirai .... I will read

je ne lirai pas .... I won’t read

je lirai .... I will read

tu liras .... you will read

elle lira .... she will read

il lira .... he/it will read

on lira .... we will read

nous lirons .... we will read

vous lirez .... you will read

elles liront .... they will read

ils liront .... they will read

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un immortel, une immortelle – French expression

un immortel, une immortelle - French expression

learn french, french podcast

What does the French expression " immortel, immortelle " mean? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne's AUDIO.

un immortel, une immortelle is the nickname given to French académicien/nes - do not mix up with an académicyen/ne, which ironically is a member of Star Academy, a reality TV show. French académiciens are called immortels - immortals - because of the motto of the Académie Française: "To Eternity". The Académie Française was created in 1635 and has 40 members. Its purpose is to regulate French vocabulary and grammar. They publish a dictionary which is supposed to be the authority on the language.

  • « Simone Veil, survivante de la Shoah et une des femmes politiciennes préférée des Français est devenue immortelle en mars 2010. »
  • "Simone Veil, a Holocaust survivor and one of the favorite Female politicians in France became immortal in March 2010."

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About French

boire comme un trou means to drink like a fish

boire comme un trou - French expression

learn french, french podcast, french online, french

Boire ou conduire, il faut choisir.

What does the French expression ' boire comme un trou ' mean? How is it used in a sentence?

boire comme un trou - to drink like a hole means to drink a lot, to drink like a fish.

  • « Elle ne peut pas conduire car elle a bu comme un trou ce soir. »
  • "She can't drive because she drunk like a fish tonight."

Tenses and modes

présent : je bois comme un trou, nous buvons comme un trou

passé composé : j'ai bu comme un trou, nous avons bu comme un trou

futur : je boirai comme un trou, nous boirons comme un trou

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Advanced Podcast

À la cave – Advanced French

À la cave - Advanced French

french, french online

le caviste

À la cave - Advanced French – Learn French with Anne’s AUDIO

France is going to La Cave today, that’s her favorite the wine store, boutique. She wants to pick up a bottle of wine. She uses a lot of adjectives, which we’ll study in the companion worksheet. For instance, do you know that Il est gris doesn’t always mean : he is grey, but it can mean “He’s tipsy” and that isabelle is not only a girl’s name, but also a color? Also in the grammar points, is when to use apporter, emporter, amener and emmener. The Culture capsule brings us to this famous Médoc Marathon, where I’ve seen a few runners having to quit from drinking too much red wine en route. Leave it to the French to run a marathon and drink red wine!

In the companion worksheet – 1o pages

  • text
  • translation
  • what's the "Médoc Marathon"
  • adjectives in French expressions
  • apporter, emporter, amener and emmener
  • practice

Text excerpt – transcribe it and check your answers

À la cave

J’suis invitée chez des potes samedi. Faut qu’j’amène une bonne bouteille. J’suis donc allée à la cave du coin. J’adore le …

Get the worksheet here

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dans son jus – French expression

dans son jus - French expression


Little shack in Thourie, France

What does the French expression ‘ dans son jus ’ mean? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne's AUDIO.

dans son jus - in its juice. dans son jus means that nothing has be done to change its state, 'as is' (tel quel, en l'état)

  • « Regarde, elle est vraiment dans son jus, cette bicoque.»
  • "Look, this shack really stayed as is."

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