Can I have the menu? Je peux avoir la carte ?

Je peux avoir la carte ?

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Expressions with pou and puce

Expressions with un pou and une puce

  1. un pou .... a louse
  2. une puce ....  a flea
  3. chercher des poux, .... to try to get into a fight with someone
  4. fier comme un pou .... proud as a peacock
  5. moche comme un pou .... really ugly
  6. les puces, le marché aux puces .... the flea market
  7. excité/e comme une puce .... really excited
  8. ma petite puce .... sweetie
  9. avoir la puce à l’oreille .... to be aware that something is going to happen
  10. secouer les puces de quelqu’un .... to shake someone out of their inertia
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Marché aux Puces

Chiner des trésors au marché aux puces

Hunting for Treasures at the flea market

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Likes and dislikes

There are many ways to express likes and dislikes in French. These are four you might not have in your textbooks.

  1. Je le/la kiffe. .... I dig him/her/it.
  2. Ça me fait gerber. .... It makes me puke.
  3. Je suis assez dessert.  .... I kind of like desserts.
  4. Je [ne] suis pas très chat.  .... I’m not really a cat person. (I don’t really like cats.)
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avoir – to have – French verb conjugated

avoir - to have

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Ils ont un gros chien.

How is AVOIR conjugated? What does it sound like?

Listen to the verb AVOIR, with Anne’s French accent

Indicatif - Indicative Mode .... statements

présent .... present tense

j’ai .... I have*

je n’ai pas .... I don’t have

j’ai .... I have

tu as .... you have

elle a .... she has

il a .... he/it has

on a .... we have

nous avons .... we have

vous avez .... you have

elles ont .... they have

ils ont .... they have

*also I’m having…

imparfait .... imperfect

j’avais .... I used to have*

je n’avais pas .... I didn’t use to have

j’avais .... I used to have

tu avais .... you used to have

elle avait .... she used to have

il avait .... he/it used to have

on avait .... we used to have

nous avions .... we used to have

vous aviez .... you used to have

elles avaient .... they used to have

ils avaient .... they used to have

•also I was having, I would have…

passé composé .... preterite or present perfect

j’ai eu .... I had*

je n’ai pas eu .... I didn’t have

j’ai eu .... I had

tu as eu .... you had

elle a eu .... she had

il a eu .... he/it had

on a eu .... we had

nous avons eu .... we had

vous avez eu .... you had

elles ont eu .... they had

ils ont eu .... they had

*also I have had…

futur simple .... future tense

j’aurai .... I will have

je n’aurai pas .... I won’t have

j’aurai .... I will have

tu auras .... you will have

elle aura .... she will have

il aura .... he/it will have

on aura .... we will have

nous aurons .... we will have

vous aurez .... you will have

elles auront .... they will have

ils auront .... they will have

Continue with this verb

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Present tense – Regular -ER verbs – Formation

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Regular -ER verbs – Present tense

How do French regular -ER verbs work?

Verbes réguliers en -ER – Présent

Regular –ER verbs (ending en –ER) have the following endings added to the stem

  • je/j’ (I) –e
  • tu (you sing.) –es
  • elle (she) –e
  • il (he) –e
  • on (we inf.) –e
  • nous (we form.) –ons
  • vous (you pl.) –ez
  • ils (they m.) –ent
  • elles (they f.) –ent

In context

  1. J’aime FRENCH ETC. -- I like FRENCH ETC.
  2. Tu regardes la télé. -- You are watching TV.
  3. Nous dansons samedi. -- We dance on Saturday.
  4. Ils parlent français. -- They speak French.

5 verbs in this category for you to start with

  1. aimer  -- to like, to love
  2. regarder -- to watch
  3. parler -- to speak
  4. habiter -- to live
  5. travailler -- to work

Other rules for the present tense in French

Full French conjugations

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