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Ask a Question – Today’s French at FH

How To Say Question In French

Ask a Question – Today’s French

Comment poser une question en français ?

Basic questions in French

It is pretty easy to ask a basic question in French. It works the same way as it does in English.

Look at these three questions

  1. You have a room? …. Vous avez une chambre ? 
  2. Do you have a room? …. Est-ce que vous avez une chambre ?
  3. Have you a room? …. Avez-vous une chambre ?

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il est question de – French expression


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il est question de – French expression at FH

How To Say Kitchen In French Cuisineil est question de – French expression

it’s about – Mot du Jour

What does the French expression ‘ il est question de ‘ mean? How do you say ‘ it’s about ’ in French? How is it used in a sentence?

il est question de — it is question of. In everyday French, il est question de has 2 main translations: 'to be about', and it's the same as 'il s'agit de' and ‘to be thinking about (in the future)’.

  • « Dans cet épisode, il est question de magouilles politiques.  »
    • “In this episode, it is about political shenanigans.”
  • « Il est question de changer la peinture de la cuisine l’année prochaine. »
    • “We’re thinking of changing the painting of the kitchen next year.”
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Il s’agit de – Today’s French

Ask a Question – Today’s French

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Today's French

Specific Adjectives – Today’s French at FH


Specific Adjectives – Today’s French

A set of specific adjectives that aren’t that intuitive in French.

Voici des adjectifs précis qui ne sont pas forcément intuitifs en français.

Les régions

Western …. m/f …. occidental/e

Northern …. m/f …. septentrional/e

Les saisons

summery, about the summer …. m/f …. estival/e

autumnal, about the fall …. m/f …. automnal/e

À propos de

of, about the morning …. m/f …. matinal/e

La fréquence

weekly …. m/f …. hebdomadaire

yearly …. m/f …. annuel/le

leap year …. f …. année bissextile

every two weeks ….ø …. toutes les deux semaines

twice a month …. m/f …. bimensuel/le

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Mini Quiz - Specific Adjectives

Choisissez la bonne réponse. Pick the right answer.

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La galette des Rois – January 6 King Cake at FH

La galette des Rois - January 6 King Cake

About la galette

La galette des rois is traditionally served on January 6th. Galette des rois is often translated by King’s cake in English. Cake is a gâteau, not a galette. You do find gâteaux des rois at epiphany time in France. However, the galette with almonds is the one you’ll find in most bakeries, especially in Paris.

Click and learn about the French traditions around Epiphany and get the recipe for this fun King cake in French and in English.

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Les cotillons – Mot du Jour à FH

say streamer in frenchLes cotillons – noise-makers and streamers - French expression – Mot du Jour

The word cotillon is an old word that used to mean a petticoat, or raggedy skirts poor women would wear in the old days. Today, it's often plural les cotillons, and it means sets of noise-makers, confetti and streamers you get when you go to a silly party.

  • « Eh, tu prendras les cotillons pour le réveillon du nouvel an? »
    • "Hey, will you get the noise-makers and streamers for the New Year's party?"

Note: 'le réveillon' is a special word for either Christmas or the New Year's eve party in France.

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sabrer le Champagne French expression

Bonne année, bonne santé - Easy song

Happy New Year in French

Champagne Bottles - Quiz

Bonne et heureuse année - A whole week's worth of learning French

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Nouvel An - New Year Course

French New Year Terms

Comment sabrer le Champagne - Exam Prep

Verbs Tenses and Modes


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Today's French

Table Du Réveillon at FH

Table du Réveillon. Anne created this quiz at FrenchHour. Correct the mistake in each sentence. Get immediate answers and do the quiz over and over again.

French Holiday Table

Cette petite vidéo est un menu du réveillon et n’a pas de paroles. Toutefois, on peut quand même apprendre du français avec. J’ai donc créé un exercice visuel où, chaque phrase ayant une faute, je vous demande de corriger les fautes des phrases en français. Les questions sont posées en ordre chronologique.

This tiny video is a Christmas or New Year’s Eve menu and has no words. However, you can still learn French with it. I created a visual exercise where, every sentence having a mistake, I’m asking you to correct the mistakes of each sentence in French. The questions are chronological.

Depending on where you’re located, you may or may not be able to watch the video. Let me know as a comment, if you can’t see it.

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Petite vidéo

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