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Occupations – Today’s French

Les métiers en français

What are French occupations? How do you say different occupations in French? Do the free quiz with Anne.

  1. architecte …. architect
  2. artiste …. artist
  3. auteur/e …. author
  4. avocat/e …. attorney, lawyer
  5. boucher/ère …. butcher
  6. boulanger/ère …. baker
  7. bricoleur, bricoleuse …. handyman
  8. caissier, caissière …. cashier
  9. chirurgien/ne …. surgeon
  10. comédien/ne, acteur, actrice …. actor, actress

Quiz - Occupations - This QUIZ is interactive at FrenchHour.

Choisissez la bonne réponse. Pick the right answer.



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