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taper du poing sur la table – Mot du Jour at FH

Sya Taper Du Poing In French

taper du poing sur la table – Mot du jour

to put your foot down – French expression

What does ” taper du poing sur la table ” mean? How do you say ‘ to put your foot down ’ in French? How is it pronounced? How is it used in a French sentence? Listen to me, a French native say it.

taper du poing sur la table – to hit of the fist on the table – In everyday French, taper du poing sur la table means to be very strong in telling people how you feel or what to do, ‘to put your foot down’.

  • « Ils ne comprenaient toujours pas, donc j’ai tapé du poing sur la table et maintenant, c’est bon. »
    • “They kept on not understanding, so I put my foot down, and now, it’s going okay.”


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