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faire son cinéma – French expressions

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Elle fait son cinéma.

What does the French expression ‘faire son cinéma’ mean? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne.

faire son cinéma - to do one's movies. faire son cinéma means to be dramatic about something, to draw the attention onto oneself, to be a ham, to ham it up. There is another word that means the same thing. It's cabotiner. I love cabotiner. It feels like it's coming from old times, and as a result, it's not very used any more. However, faire son cinéma is.

  • « T'inquiète, il [ne] va pas vraiment démissionner. Regarde-le, il fait encore son cinéma. »
  • "Don't worry, he's not really going to resign. Look at him, he's just hamming it up."

French verb tenses and modes

présent : je fais mon cinéma, nous faisons notre cinéma

imparfait : je faisais mon cinéma , nous faisions notre cinéma

futur : je ferai mon cinéma, nous ferons notre cinéma

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