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kiffer grave – French expression

kiffer grave - French expression

Kiffer grave

French lover's bridge in Paris

What does the French expression 'kiffer grave' mean? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne's AUDIO

Kiffer grave - to have a serious crush on

One of our listeners was asking how to say 'to have a crush on'. There are many ways of saying this in everyday French. One that I hear a lot these days, is 'kiffer grave'. It means 'to really like/love someone or something', and 'to have a serious crush on'. KIFFER is a regular -ER verb. It's conjugated like AIMER is.

Other ways of saying 'to have a crush on' are: être amoureux/euse de, kiffer/grave, être fou/folle de, être épris/e de, en pincer pour, être toqué/e de, s’être entiché/e de, être transi, avoir le béguin pour (old), craquer pour, flasher pour/sur, avoir fait une touche avec, avoir pécho

  • « Il sort avec elle depuis le début de l'année. Il la kiffe grave. »
  •  “He's been going out with her since the beginning of the year. He has a serious crush on her.”

Tenses and Modes in French

présent : il la kiffe grave

imparfait : il la kiffait grave

futur : il la kiffera grave

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